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About BC WiN

BC Partners in Workforce Innovation (BC WiN) is a pilot project that is testing an employer-focused recruitment model to support BC-based employers seeking to diversify their workplace and meet their workforce needs.


Initially created in 2013, BC WiN  was created by the Employment Action Committee, a group of disability-serving agencies, HR professionals and researchers in the Lower Mainland of BC who came together to coordinate their employer engagement activities. The group developed BC WiN as a research pilot to assess whether a centralized employer-focused approach could effectively serve the workforce needs of key sectors in BC facing labour shortages while improving outcomes for job seekers with diverse abilities. Based on its successful outcomes involving a small group of Lower Mainland employer partners, the model has continued to grow and adapt to a changing labour market, as well as respond to the increasing demand among employers who are looking for support in achieving their diversity and inclusion (D&I) objectives.  The project is currently funded by the Government of Canada's Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities. 

Lead Partners:

MacLeod Silver HR Business Partners


The Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) is a non-profit research organization established in 1991 specifically to develop, field test, and rigorously evaluate new programs. SRDC is leading the project's project management and research activities.

Social Research Demonstration Corporation

MacLeod Silver HRBP

MacLeod Silver HR Business Partners delivers recruitment, retention and training to support BC WiN. Our Inclusive Workforce Consultants have over 30 years of HR expertise, focused on organizational DEI practices, and work with employers to build internal inclusive hiring capacity.

Pacific Autism Family Network


Pacific Autism Family Network (PAFN) provides specialized recruitment and retention services, job coaching, workplace training to support employers and job seekers on the Autism Spectrum.  

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